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The Alexander Technique

What is it?

Alexander TechniqueHarmful habits can easily develop without us even being aware of them. This may result in back pain, breathing problems, RSI conditions or simply feeling tense and stressed. The Alexander Technique is a self-help method for improving poise, ease of movement, and breathing.

Through verbal instruction and the gentle guidance of a teachers hands a pupil is shown how to prevent distortion of their body in movement. This results in learning to use more appropriate muscle tone for whatever the activity – from playing the violin to sitting in a chair or swimming the channel. (Find out more about the Alexander technique at Alternatively you can contact Clare via her website at

Its Origins

The Alexander Technique takes its name from its founder, F. M. Alexander (1869 – 1955). He was an actor who had problems with his breathing and voice production. He began to realise through observation of himself that he was creating excess tension in his body in order to perform. As his self-awareness increased, he was able to prevent certain harmful habits occurring.

Not only did his breathing improve dramatically, but also so did the quality of his voice. He began to use his hands to explain his discoveries to his fellow actors. The Alexander Technique has continued to have strong links in the performing arts, with Alexander teachers now on the staff of most drama and music colleges in the U.K. More recently it has been used in the sporting arena.

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